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Promo Automation and
Store Specific Marketing Guides


Murphy USA is a convenience / fuel retailer with more than 1,500 locations and a highly complex, localized and category-based marketing program. Each location receives a marketing kit with a large number of items to support each of Murphy USA's campaigns. Murphy USA needed to accomplish two important goals:

1. Speed up the marketing process
2. Improve the store-level execution of each marketing campaign


‘47Concepts improved Murphy USA’s process by implementing a promotion planning and execution platform within their Marketing Operations Suite. The promotion planning tool eliminated the need for Category Managers to track & communicate promo details via Excel and email.

Now all data related to a promotion including offers, creative, sign types, price points, store profiles and business rules are maintained in real-time with the 47C Marketing Campaign Manager.

Campaign Manager dynamically outputs site-specific marketing guides that tell the store employees exactly what they received in their marketing kit and how to implement it at their unique store.


So many locations, so many details, so little time. Centralize everything from window counts and sign types to city regulations and complex business rules.

Don’t sweat the details.


The key to successful location-level marketing is execution in the field. Input campaign details & we’ll “automagically” configure your campaign needs & instructional guides.

Execute with precision.