Operations & Brand Go Hand in Hand: Franchise​​

The Challenge​​

You have plans to significantly increase your franchise network this year, opening several new stores each month. Managing the minutia of what is involved in this process is overwhelming and leaves room for error. You just need materials to arrive to locations on time and with the correct contents based on store type and need.

The Solution

The MOS Location Master module is an online database where you can collect and query anything you want or need to know about your locations. Information related to a location's opening date, signage needs, POS software, specialty programs, and more can be easily input and used to determine exactly what a location requires.

Leverage the Location Master data within the Marketing Kit Builder module to create and schedule orders that can process at exactly the right moment relative to the opening date. Need hardware to arrive 3 weeks prior to opening and marketing materials to arrive 1 week prior? No problem - Marketing Kit Builder is designed to handle scenarios like this.


The Impact

Managing these details while growing your franchise has never been easier. With the Marketing Operations Suite Location Master and Marketing Kit Builder modules, you can "set it and forget it" so that you can keep your focus on growing your franchise brand.