Serve Every Player in The Game: your store owner, your corporate marketing director, and your district manager.

Each one of them needs different pieces of information. They need to see only what is important to them and easily find it.

Build the Right foundation with Location Master.

Compliance Reporting

Get reports that analyze characteristics of your stores – can help with marketing campaign decisions.

Store Important Documentation

Store your HR documentation, compliance records, and digital assets for all your stores in one place.

Fully Customizable Questions & Answer Types

Customize your question groups & questions with a Parent/Child Question Feature: Does your location have drive thru? If so, how many? Answer in Images and Text.

Master Source of Truth

Track your store data without manual spreadsheet updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Location Master plays a vital role in effective location data management, providing businesses with a centralized platform to organize, update, and optimize their location data.

Location Master’s store locator software empowers businesses to enhance customer experience by enabling users to find their nearest store locations easily. It simplifies managing and displaying accurate store information, driving foot traffic and boosting conversions.

Yes. Location Master supports businesses with international operations, enabling them to efficiently manage and maintain location data for multiple countries, regions, or languages.

Location Master employs robust data validation processes and allows businesses to perform regular audits and bulk updates. This ensures data accuracy and consistency, eliminating discrepancies and providing users with reliable location information.

Yes, Location Master is a cloud-based solution for location data management, which means businesses can access and manage their location data securely from anywhere with an internet connection. It eliminates the need for complex on-premises infrastructure.

Businesses can visit our website, request a demo, or contact our sales team. Our experts will guide you and demonstrate how Location Master can help your business.