You are working with 27 vendors, and you order various merchandising fixtures & swag
from each one for your 302 stores.

Create the only internal ordering Catalog your team will ever need with Commerce Cloud.

One Cart, Many Locations & Vendors

Easy one cart checkout even if you are ordering for 200 locations. ‘One swipe’ checkout process with multiple vendors.

Location & Ruleset Driven Shopping

Stop ordering drive-thru signs for all of your 210 stores, when 65% of your stores need flag poles – and do not even have a drive-thru feature.

Multi Vendor, Multi Warehouse Shopping

Add & order items from multiple vendors and warehouses in one branded location-based ecommerce site.

User, Shipping & Budget Control

Stop wasting money on incorrect or too much swag & merchandising. Set flexible, smart parameters on what your team can see, what they can order, and how they can order it.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based platform that offers businesses with comprehensive solutions for digital commerce. It supports online sales, customer engagement, and order management. Commerce Cloud enables businesses to create personalized and seamless shopping experiences across multiple channels, such as web, mobile, social media, and more.

Yes, Commerce Cloud supports B2B and B2C commerce. It offers features tailored to the unique needs of each type of business. For B2B commerce, Commerce Cloud provides functionalities such as personalized catalogs, account-based pricing, and complex ordering processes. For B2C commerce, it offers features like marketing automation, customer segmentation, and personalized shopping experiences.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud, an enterprise-grade Ecommerce software, is a specific instance of Commerce Cloud developed and offered by Salesforce. It empowers businesses to create engaging and personalized customer shopping experiences. Salesforce Commerce Cloud integrates seamlessly with other products, such as CRM and marketing automation tools, providing a unified ecosystem for customer-centric e-commerce.

Yes, SAP Commerce Cloud was formerly known as SAP Hybris Commerce. The name change reflects the evolution and integration of the Hybris commerce platform within the SAP portfolio. SAP Commerce Cloud continues to provide businesses with a scalable and feature-rich digital commerce solution, combining e-commerce capabilities with customer experience management and omnichannel functionalities.

The cost of Salesforce Commerce Cloud varies based on the specific edition and customization needs. Pricing starts at approximately $25,000 annually for the B2C Commerce Starter Edition, with more advanced editions ranging from $1,500 to $3,000 per user per month.