When you are running 4 regional promotions across 72 locations, with regional variations in
prices & promotions with different start & stop times, you need a platform that will connect the dots between strategy and retail execution.

Automate the most complex marketing campaigns with Campaign Manager.

Locations, Variations, & Versions

Easily Execute complex, national campaigns. Our tech captures key promotion data, different price points, bilingual language, offers, options, signs at participating locations.

Receive Only What is Right. Every Time

Our tech's rulesets & automation ensures that you receive the right materials to the right stores. This drives down cost & reduces employee frustration.

Connect the Dots Between Strategy & Execution

Strategy is only as good as its execution. 47C tech will make sure your campaigns are 100% correct at each store. Generate critical promotion outputs: SKUs, quantities, distribution orders, site-specific POP planners.

Maintain Brand Integrity

Your logo, your brand colors & your campaign message are accurate at every store.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Campaign Manager is a marketing automation platform. It helps businesses automate various marketing activities, such as lead nurturing, email marketing, social media scheduling, and more, to drive better results and efficiency in their marketing efforts.

Campaign Manager offers several benefits for B2B marketing campaigns. It enables businesses to automate lead generation and processes, track campaign performance, and personalize communication with prospects and customers. With features like email automation, segmentation, and lead scoring, Campaign Manager empowers businesses to deliver targeted and relevant messaging, improving engagement and conversion rates in B2B marketing.

Yes, Campaign Manager provides integration capabilities with various systems and tools. It offers integration options with popular customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, email service providers, analytics tools, and more. This integration allows businesses to synchronize data, streamline workflows, and leverage existing systems to enhance their B2B marketing campaigns.

Yes, Campaign Manager offers tools and reporting features to track the ROI of B2B marketing campaigns. It provides analytics and reporting on key metrics, such as campaign conversions, lead quality, revenue generated, and customer acquisition costs. This data allows businesses to measure the success of their B2B marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions to optimize future campaigns.

Campaign Manager provides support for multi-channel marketing in B2B campaigns. It allows businesses to manage and coordinate marketing activities across various channels, including email, social media, websites, and more. With Campaign Manager, businesses can create consistent messaging and branding across channels.