Complex Ordering: Franchise


The Challenge​

You just shipped $22,000 worth of the wrong merchandise to half of your current stores. Some of those materials belonged in the kits for the 85 new stores you are opening this quarter. This error hurt your existing stores AND new store openings.

The Solution: 47C Software​​

Location Master: Each location has its own unique layout, requirements, and restrictions. 47C gets that. Drive-thru? Check. Need to keep tabs on locations participating in pilot programs? No problem.. This tool knows each location's DNA and customizes offerings accordingly.

Commerce Cloud: This is where the magic happens. Think of it as a smart internal commerce catalog. Our internal commerce catalog protects your budget and brand identity by leveraging the data from Location Master. Shoppers can only order what their locations can use, so you don't have to worry about unnecessary waste or incorrect materials being shipped out.


The Impact​

With 47C Software, you can eliminate wasteful spending with our location based shopping & powerful rulesets. Simplify & organize complex ordering across hundreds of locations with results you can see in your P&L and in your stores.