Complex Ordering: Print


The Challenge​​

You are the sole print provider for clients spanning multiple industries. Their clients have a software system that can manage and control their assets for fulfillment - when they are picking/packing. The data is coming from various sources, possibly email threads and excel spreadsheets. Has this complexity caused order errors and wasted revenue? If you’ve felt this pain, you know these issues not only waste resources but also risk damaging client relationships and your brand's reputation for reliability.

The Solution: 47C Software​​

Enter 47C Software, tailored for the dynamic needs of the print industry. This solution acts as a digital force multiplier, streamlining client interactions and order processing across your diverse client list. Commerce Cloud: No more misprints! Think of this as your intelligent internal catalog that ensures error proof ordering so you have 100% accuracy for your clients. Increase efficiency.


The Impact​

Be the hero to your clients with a software where you can integrate to all your fulfillment partners.

  • Unify your clients ordering experience.
  • Streamline your administration and overhead for multiple clients by using a single, central platform.
  • Site Branding capabilities including Printer Brand & Client Brand.
  • Dynamic quantity print on demand.
  • Ability to view order history and place reorders.

These are just highlights of our powerful software. The full magic happens when you see a demo. With ‘47Concepts software, your clients can seamlessly and accurately order from you. Learn more