Location Types & Needs: Franchise​​

The Challenge​​

You are the sole print provider for clients spanning multiple industries.  Their clients have a software system that can manage and control their assets for fulfillment - when they are picking/packing. The data is coming from various sources, possibly email threads and excel spreadsheets. Has this complexity caused order errors and wasted revenue?   If you’ve felt this pain, you know these issues not only waste resources but also risk damaging client relationships and your brand's reputation for reliability.

The Solution

Location Master is an online database where you can collect and query anything you want or need to know about your network. From the number of frames to fill with marketing signage to deed restrictions to programs offered, Location Master is your easy-to-use, real-time solution for tracking the DNA of each location.

Commerce Cloud is an internal e-commerce platform that can leverage the data contained in Location Master to assist in ordering exactly what each location requires. Shop for multiple locations and across multiple vendors in a single session to make the best use of your time, and rest assured that orders are created with the accuracy you expect.


The Impact

With the '47Concepts Operations Suite, you no longer have to second-guess what your locations need. The power of Location Master and Commerce Cloud combined is the peace of mind every franchise owner dreams of. You now have a real-time, reliable database of your network needs that also drives ordering decisions to help save you time and money. It's a win-win!