Location Types & Needs: Print​

The Challenge​​

In the fast-evolving print industry, managing a diverse clientele with varying needs presents a significant challenge. From small businesses requiring marketing materials to large corporations looking for comprehensive branding solutions, keeping track of each client's specific requirements for print materials, promotional items, and more can be overwhelming. This complexity not only makes the ordering process time-consuming but also increases the risk of costly errors, marring client satisfaction and operational efficiency.

The Solution

Introducing Location Master, an innovative central data management tool tailored to the unique needs of the print industry. Location Master enables print service providers to meticulously organize and access detailed information about each client's needs merchandising & marketing print requirements.

Coupled with Location Master, we offer Commerce Cloud, a state-of-the-art internal e-commerce platform designed to streamline the ordering process. With Commerce Cloud, print service providers can efficiently manage orders for a wide array of clients in a single URL, across multiple vendors with multiple locations.

This integration not only saves precious time, but also ensures that each order is executed with unparalleled precision, meeting the exact specifications of every client.


The Impact

With the '47Concepts Operations Suite, combining the capabilities of Location Master and Commerce Cloud, print service providers can now offer an unmatched level of service to their clients. This powerful suite eliminates the guesswork and manual tracking that has long hampered the industry, providing a real-time, reliable database of client needs that informs every ordering decision.

The result is a streamlined, efficient operation that not only saves time and reduces costs but also enhances client satisfaction through error-free, print orders. Whether catering to the specific needs of a local boutique or the complex demands of a multinational corporation, the '47Concepts Operations Suite ensures that every client's expectations are not just met, but exceeded.