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Franchising: A Hero in the American Economy

Franchising, a pivotal player in the American economy, strikes a unique balance between entrepreneurial freedom and established business models, attracting a wide array of business owners. Its popularity is underpinned by the blend of independence it offers operators and the support of proven systems and brand recognition, making it especially appealing for new entrepreneurs. The model not only facilitates an easier entry into the business world but also provides a safety net through franchisor support in marketing, training, and product development. This harmonious mix of autonomy and guided structure positions franchising as an attractive, lower-risk avenue for business ownership and expansion.

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Why Franchising is Popular

Franchising’s popularity among entrepreneurs stems from its ability to blend autonomy with a safety net of proven business strategies. This model offers the independence of owning a business while mitigating many risks associated with starting from scratch. Franchisees benefit from the established brand recognition, customer loyalty, and operational systems that come with a franchise, which can be especially appealing to first-time business owners. Additionally, the support from the franchisor in areas such as marketing, training, and product development allows entrepreneurs to innovate within a structured framework. This combination of support and independence makes franchising an attractive pathway for those looking to enter the business world or expand their current operations.

Revenue Generated by Franchises

Franchises are a powerhouse in the national economy, contributing a substantial amount of revenue each year. Their success lies in their adaptability to various market conditions, allowing them to remain profitable even in challenging economic climates. Franchises offer a diverse range of products and services, which helps create a broad economic footprint. This diversity not only attracts a wide customer base but also helps in mitigating market risks, ensuring a consistent flow of revenue. The franchising model, with its established brand names and tested business strategies, further contributes to this stability, making franchises a key player in sustaining and growing the economy.

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Franchising and Employment
Franchising significantly impacts employment in the United States. The data from the International Franchise Association in 2017 highlights this impact. With over 733,000 franchised establishments, the sector is a major job creator. These establishments are not just business outlets; they are significant employment hubs, directly creating 7.6 million jobs. Beyond direct employment, franchises also support an estimated 13.3 million indirect jobs. This substantial workforce contribution demonstrates how deeply embedded franchising is in the fabric of the U.S. economy. Additionally, the direct economic contribution of these establishments is immense, with a reported $404.6 billion added to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), underscoring the vital role of franchising in the national economic landscape.

Franchising Drives Economic Growth
The franchising model significantly drives economic growth by fostering entrepreneurship at the local level and creating numerous employment opportunities. This economic influence extends beyond the direct impact of each franchise. By integrating into local communities, franchises contribute to the overall economic health of the areas they operate in. They stimulate local economies through job creation, consumer spending, and tax contributions. Furthermore, the diverse nature of franchising allows for a wide range of industries to thrive, from food services to retail, each adding to the dynamic growth of the economy. This multifaceted impact of franchising underscores its role as a key driver of economic development and resilience.

Franchising’s Impact on the Economy
Franchises significantly benefit local economies in various ways. Firstly, they create employment opportunities, which in turn increase consumer spending power in the community. This increased spending supports other local businesses, from suppliers to service providers. Additionally, franchises often engage in community development initiatives, further strengthening the local economy. Their presence can attract additional businesses and investments, contributing to overall economic vitality. By embedding themselves in the local fabric, franchises play a crucial role in not just their own success, but in the prosperity of the entire community.
Nationally, the franchising sector is a significant economic contributor. Its role in job creation and substantial GDP contributions help in maintaining a stable and growing economy. The franchising model spans across various industries, reflecting its adaptability and versatility. This wide-ranging representation not only stimulates economic growth but also showcases the franchising model’s ability to adapt and succeed across different market segments, thus playing a crucial role in the overall economic landscape of the country.

The Role of ’47Concepts in Empowering Franchises    

’47Concepts significantly enhances the operational capabilities of franchises by offering advanced technology solutions. Tools for location data management build the foundation for error-proof ordering through location-based shopping, ensuring zero wrong materials and zero wasted revenue. Our software’s Location Master collects critical location specific information such as: How many drive-thrus do I have? Does my location have space for 3 or 4 window clings? Am I located in an area with specific city ordinances? Once you accurately capture your location information, our powerhouse tools, Commerce Cloud and Campaign Manager, will ensure that your store operators can order and access exactly what they need – when they need it! With our “Commerce Cloud” you can order from multiple vendors for multiple store locations- at the click of a button. Our suite of solutions enables franchises to manage growth effectively and maintain a competitive edge, adapting to the dynamic demands of the market while optimizing their operational processes.

Our module, Marketing Kit Builder 400;”> is built specifically for those franchises that are in serious expansion mode! You can build your new store kits and set it to ship in advance with a click of button, ensuring support for your new stores and your franchisees’ peace of mind. Collectively, these tools enhance operational efficiency, marketing impact, and expansion capabilities for franchises.

These solutions also ensure brand consistency across multiple locations, an essential factor for maintaining a strong franchise identity. This comprehensive suite of tools from ’47Concepts significantly boosts franchises’ overall performance and growth potential.

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Success stories from ’47Concepts with franchises across 90,000 locations among top brands highlight their proficiency in supporting both rising star and large-scale franchise operations. These major players leveraged this technology across their numerous locations to simplify operations. Click here to see the household brand names that rely on our internal commerce technology. These cases exemplify 47C’s capability to assist in the growth and effective management of major franchise businesses, showcasing their expertise and the versatility of their solutions. Check out some of our case studies

In conclusion, franchising is a force multiplier in the American economy, and companies like ’47Concepts are at the forefront of empowering this sector. 47C’s suite of solutions offers franchises the tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. We encourage you to explore the transformative potential of ’47Concepts for your franchise. Click here to book a demo and discover how we can be a part of your franchise’s success story.


Franchising offers new entrepreneurs an established brand and proven business model, reducing the risk and complexity of starting a business from scratch.

Current trends include the integration of technology for efficiency, focus on sustainability, and the rise of home-based and mobile franchises.

Franchises often have the flexibility and support systems to quickly adapt to market changes, consumer preferences, and technological advancements.

Prospective franchisees should assess a franchisor’s track record, support structure, brand strength, and alignment with their personal and business goals.

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