As you are creating a promotion, get flexible billing-tie in. Dictate per promotion, who will be financially responsible: Corporate or franchise owner.

Understand & Manage your promotion demands with Enrollment Builder.

Pre-Order Platform

Pre-order platform enables franchisees and field marketing teams to opt stores into Distribution programs.

Location & Ruleset Driven Shopping

Stop ordering drive-through signs for all of your 210 stores, when 65% of your stores need flag poles – and do not even have a drive thru feature.

Gauge Promotion Demand

Capture and gauge promotion demand within user store networks.

Enable Promo Creations

Enable promo creation with a la carte and kitted configurations. Flexibly manage multiple concurrent enrollment programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Enrollment Builder is a promotion management software that helps businesses automate and optimize their enrollment processes, saving time and improving efficiency.

Enrollment Builder simplifies the enrollment process for customers, making it easier for them to sign up for programs or events. It provides businesses with tools to manage and track enrollments efficiently, streamline participant communication, and generate reports and analytics for data-driven decision-making. Enrollment Builder helps organizations enhance customer experience, increase operational efficiency, and maximize enrollment outcomes.

Yes, Enrollment Builder can integrate with other systems or tools. It offers integration capabilities to synchronize data with CRM systems, email marketing platforms, or other relevant software. The integration allows for seamless data flow, such as capturing participant information, sending automated communications, and ensuring a smooth end-to-end enrollment management process.

Enrollment Builder provides features and tools to assist with promoting programs or events. It allows businesses to create customized enrollment forms with branding elements, manage discount codes or promotional offers, and track the effectiveness of various promotional campaigns. With Enrollment Builder, businesses can efficiently manage and track their promotion strategies to drive enrollments and increase participation.

Yes, Enrollment Builder offers reporting and analytics features to provide insights into enrollment data. It provides comprehensive reports on registration numbers and participant demographics. It helps businesses monitor enrollment trends, track the success of promotional campaigns, and make informed decisions for future program planning and optimization.